Men on a Diet – How to Help the Man in Your Life Get Healthy

Implementing a weight loss program for men seems to be more difficult than for women, simply due to the perceived stigma of “men on a diet”. Women are always on diets, and they discuss it with their friends, and they talk about it when they lose weight or gain weight, and it’s all acceptable discussion. Men just don’t do this.

Generally, men suffer from being overweight because of several factors that can be relatively easily remedied. Not to say that a man will lose all the weight he wants easily, but making concessions in the following areas will likely produce impressive results for most men in a shorter amount of time than they would for a woman.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

While certainly not the rule, many men drink beer, and by simply eliminating or drastically reducing this practice, a man can substantially affect his overall weight. Fortunately there are also some very good light beers now on the market, which will not produce the desired weight loss as quickly, but is certainly a step in the right direction.

Eat Less Red Meat

Clinical studies have shown, not only by weight calculations but also by incidents of heart and colon disease, that men have a disproportionate amount of red meat in their diets as opposed to what they should. Red meats are higher in fat content and do not digest as easily as lean meats, or fish and poultry. Substituting red meat with a leaner choice is a good step, but overall men need to consume more fruits and vegetables in place of meat products.

Eliminate Fast Food

As men still live under the added stigma of not being able to cook, untrue as it is but still hanging there, many men will rely on fast food and carry-out for a majority of their meals. A cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant will have many times the amount of calories and fat than a homemade cheeseburger from a lean ground beef mixed with ground turkey. Likely, the one made at home will actually taste much better also!


Men need to get more exercise! Daily exercise including a brisk walk to raise the heart rate for at least ten minutes will not only help contribute to weight loss goals, but also make the heart, circulatory system and muscular system more healthy. Since men have more muscle mass than women, they can enjoy more rapid benefits from exercise, working out and weight training. And while we have already conceded that it’s not necessarily a commonplace social topic for men to discuss dieting, it is absolutely hip for men to join the gym.

Again, while not to say that men have an easier time losing weight than women, it is medical fact that many of the issues women have with their weight are hormonal. Men tend to respond more quickly to weight loss techniques, and produce lean muscle more quickly than women. By implementing the steps above, most men will quickly realize the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

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