Microdermabrasion Acne Treatment

A microdermabrasion acne procedure is one to consider if your facial skin has suffered scarring due to nodules, cysts or other severe forms of acne. The treatment will remove the skin's top layer of dead cells and smooth scarred tissue. This procedure works especially well for those who have suffered rare, disfiguring acne conditions. Microdermabrasion smooths the surface of the skin, removes very fine lines, stimulates collagen production, and reduces skin imperfections.

Microdermabrasion acne scars removal is an option for people who sever breakouts result in scars on the face. However it will not work on acne scars that are very deeply imbedded in the skin; it is for scars that have not extremely deep, but are close to the outer layer of skin. It is important to note that acne microdermabrasion is not a good choice for those individuals with the following conditions: rosacea, herpes, warts, eczema, lupus, and diabetes. Other conditions may also influence the safety of the treatment and a dermatologist will help to determine what is best for each patient.

Acne microdermabrasion will further promote new skin cell production in the deepest layer of the skin as it clears dull and congested skin. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and maximum results are achieved between 4 to 12 visits, depending on the severity of the skin in the area. Skin in the acne dermabrasion area will be very pink for a couple of weeks afterwards.

Patients find the skin from acne dermabrasion to be tight for the first 24-48 hours. One's skin may feel like a mild sunburn or windburn, but any further pain is not common. Using a good moisturizer along with a high SPF will help soothe skin after the microdermabrasion acne scars treatment. Also, some peeling and light crusting may be expected in the area. No anesthesia is needed for the procedure, since it is non-invasive. Patients can drive home right after. Patients will see results for up to a year and as such maintenance will be required.

Microdermabrasion acne scar treatment is a good option for those who wish to unclog pores and reduce fine acne scarring. It may be the answer for some individuals, but a trip to the dermatologist is the first step to consider before this procedure. Acne microdermabrasion results will last if done properly and the healing of skin proves to heal acne scars, as well as the individual's overall appearance.

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