Natural Candida Cleanse Treatment Methods – Find Out the Cure

If you have struggled with Candida for a while now it's possible that you have not attempted the necessary natural Candida cleanse treatment methods that can bring full lifetime relief. I'll briefly discuss two of the common natural Candida cleanse treatment methods and then explain what really needs to be done in order to have complete and total relief from a Candida infection.

The first natural Candida cleanse treatment method is popularly used is a strict diet:
This diet requires that you not eat any foods that contain sugar this includes fruit and simple starch foods such as white flour. You also need to eliminate any processed foods, alcohol and yeast from the diet.

So what do you eat then you may ask, well lots of leafy green vegetables. Try to eat 3-4 salads a day that contain spinach, kale, kelp and generally dark leafy greens. Beside this for grains you can eat Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth, Buckwheat and Brown Rice. Consume at least 35 grams of fiber per day. An easy way to accomplish this is to drink hemp and flax seed powder shakes every day. These help move the contents of your bowels out quickly and thoroughly, including rapid removal of toxic waste including Candida overgrowths.

The second natural Candida cleanse treatment method commonly used used are probiotics:
These are beneficial bacteria that directly destroy Candida on contact are crucial in initially gaining control over a Candida overgrowth. They boost immune system function and help your body cleanse Candida directly, as well as indirectly by synthesizing nutrients needed by the body that are drained by a Chronic Candida infection.

Acidophilus is a popular strain of probiotics bacteria that is found in yogurt, however the amount of probiotics needed to fight off Candida is the equivalent of consuming 10 normal yogurts per day. In pill form though they can be consumed much more easily. Normally a Candida sufferer should supplement about 50 billion worth of probiotics minimum per day.

Both of these natural Candida cleanse treatment methods are useful and absolutely necessary in gaining control over an infection. However none of these treatments effectively raises the root cause that allowed the Candida infection to overgrow in the first place. The cause of which normally is an immune system suppression through other toxic health issues that have yet to be realized and addressed. Once they are removed Candida can be eliminated entirely by your body.

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