Non Organic Impotence Treatment Using Hypnosis

One in five impotence cases has a non organic cause, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). That means that despite the medical tests show absolutely no evidence of an organic nature, the person's mind is responsible for the erectile dysfunction. The causes of the non organic impotence are, in most cases, emotional.

Stress is also a major factor, but nothing beats the devastating effect of the negative emotions: such as guilt, resentment and anxiety. It is a challenge for any man to cope or "manage" such negative emotions. Most men live in denial, and refuse to admit that they have an emotional problem and rarely seek professional help. And when they do, it is usually pills that flatten out the emotions or long lasting therapy sessions that never seem to work.

All the emotions are generated by the subconscious mind, whether we are aware or not. It makes sense then to work at the same level (not at the organic one by taking drugs or at the conscious level by talking logic). The best method to work and neutralize strong negative emotions is hypnosis because hypnosis and self hypnosis techniques allow us to tap the subconscious resources. That is why impotence treatment using hypnosis has an unbelievable 80% success rate, according to a study published by British Journal of Urology in February 1996.

The hypnotic approach to impotence is very simple and follows two paths: the first one is when the emotional cause of the problem is known. Then, by means of direct suggestions the negative emotions are released and then, with positive reinforcing suggestions of potency, the condition is cured in just a couple of sessions (either by a professional hypnotherapist or by listening to hypnotic recordings). The second path is a bit trickier and implicates an unknown cause (at the conscious level) of the cause that triggers the negative emotion.

Hypnosis also gives us the opportunity to track down the specific event or situation that generated negative negative emotion. Then we proceed in a similar way with the first case to neutralize and reverse the dysfunctional condition into full potency. Even in the second case, four to six sessions are enough to eliminate completely the non organic impotence and to greatly improve the sexual male performance.

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