Rachel Ray Acai Berry Diet 101 – Facts & Reviews You Need to Know About Acai Diet

Both Rachel Ray and Oprah have featured the Acai berry in their shows and since then, the fruit has gained popularity for many certain reasons. The berry has a lot of medical benefits because of its impressive qualities. The question is; what is Acai berry? Although this fruit is broadly popular, only a few really know what it is and what it is actually for.

The fruit is indigenous to the Amazon rain forest. It is purple in color and grown in the tops of certain palm tree species. The size of the berry is similar to that of grapes and ranges in color from purple, to dark purple, to black. The people of Brazil and Peru harvested the fruit as a staple crop for centuries and certain tribes even get 40% of their supply of food from Acai berries. The same people are known to be very healthy! Now, the fruit is known as a wonder fruit as it is rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids, resveratrol, calcium, and many more.

Now it is marketed as a dietary supplement and has been promoted by Rachel Ray and Oprah. The manufacturers of the supplement claim that the fruit can facilitate weight loss, but its benefits are not limited to it. It is already known as a cure-all supplement, not only because of the pills or because of capsules, but also because the diet itself encouraged doctors to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and by exercising.

Rachel has her own reasons why she featured this fruit in her show. Considering the fact that she promotes healthy foods, acai berry then is considered as one, and is truly a healthy fruit. The problem however lies with a number of manufacturers who are making money out of the supplement by selling fraudulent products. The supplement or Acai diet in itself is indeed healthy, helpful, and beneficial, but consumers are advised to go for genuine products only.

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