Rosacea And Acne Cure

Acne and rosacea are very common skin conditions. Most of you will be very familiar with acne, but you may not have heard of the second term. Rosacea is a condition that products extreme facial redness, especially in your cheeks. Another symptom is the appearance of small veins or blood vessels. The small bumps or pimples that accompany this condition are very similar to those in adult acne. If you are looking for a rosacea and acne cure, we are going to discuss some of the available options.

Both acne and rosacea can often be treated effectively with topical antibiotics or creams. You can talk to your local pharmacist who will help you pick a product suited to your particular condition. Prescription antibiotics are also available for those of you who suffer more severe forms of either skin disorder. Some antibiotics may be available in oral form as well. You may need to try several products before you find one that works best for your particular skin type and condition.

Laser treatment is another viable treatment option for both acne and rosacea. Lasers can reduce the redness of rosacea and remove the tiny veins that appear all over your face. They can also remove the skin, layer by layer, which will completely eliminate the upper portion of any acne scars. Lasers also help to tighten the skin and smooth it out which helps both conditions.

Because acne and rosacea are similar skin disorders, certain triggers can make both conditions worse. For example, you should avoid the sun and wearing too many cosmetics. Stress is also a common instigator and may lead to flare-ups of both rosacea and acne. All of these can cause breakouts and may lengthen the period and severity of the conditions. Learning to lower your stress levels, covering up when in the sun and limiting the amount of makeup you wear will all help you to overcome your skin problems.

Both acne and rosacea can become much worse and more difficult to treat if they are not looked after in the early stages. Therefore, you should investigate options such as topical antibiotics and laser treatment. Taking the right precautions will greatly improve your chances of curing both skin conditions.

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