Rosacea Diet – Can It Help?

Rosacea is a condition of the skin, which makes a lot of people self-conscious and decreases their self-esteem. Fortunately, this condition can be beaten very quickly, in a matter of days, provided that you supply your body with what it needs. That’s why you need a rosacea diet. Keep reading to learn more.

For a long time, scientists did not know what causes rosacea. Also, spontaneous remission was very common, and doctors couldn’t find a reason for it. Nowadays, we know exactly what the reason for this effect is – a certain protein, which people with rosacea do not have, or which levels are low. When you supply your body with this protein, all the symptoms, including the redness of the skin, quickly disappear.

What causes the lack of this amino-acid? Well, there are many factors, including genetics, environmental factors, and various unhealthy diets. The rosacea diet is a very basic diet, which however, includes foods, containing that amino-acid. The other option is to simply buy the amino-acid at your pharmacy, and take it four times a day. However, for your redness to be permanently reversed, you need to eat healthy during the next week or two. This means limiting sugar-containing foods, minimizing over-exposure to sunlight, and showering regularly without too much soap.

Skin conditions in general, are affected a lot by the diet you are eating. A bad diet can easily make your skin look pale, and over-expose some of the symptoms of rosacea. Smoking is another big factor, but not a lot of people are ready to stop it because of cosmetic reasons. Also, regular exercise does improve blood flow to the skin, which in turn makes the disease go away even quicker, provided that you are ingesting enough of the amino-acid. Creams and gels, given by doctors rarely work, for two reasons. First of all, rosacea needs to be eliminated by your own body, you cannot ‘force’ the skin pigmentation to return to normal. The second reason is that most medical manufacturers want a recurring income, not one-time paying clients. The exception are expensive medications, such as high-quality antibiotics, but not skin-lotions. The rosacea diet is the only way to permanently eliminate the condition.

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