Rosacea Skin Condition – Know it and Cure it Before It’s Too Late

Rosacea skin condition is a skin disease in adults mostly happens in women than men between aged 30 to 60 years. This chronic disease affects the parts of the face such as nose, chin, forehead and cheeks. It is sometimes called Acne Rosacea. The cause of the disease has never been fully declared. Probable cause, doctors say, is the enlargement of blood vessels on the front which causes swelling and flushing. This condition can also increase the sensitivity of the skin in specific areas.

In the early stages of Rosacea skin condition, the signs will show on the face, especially the cheeks and mouth. Mostly, this condition is characterized by redness and also the visibility of blood vessels in some parts of the face. Many people have generally not considered these symptoms with the seriousness it deserves. They believe that this is just a sunburn and ignore it which makes the situation becomes worse.

While there are many possible causes of the disease, some said that it was hereditary. In other words, this means that the disease can be transferred within family members, especially from the parents.

Rocasea has many types.

– First one is Erythematotelangiectactic type which is characterized by redness of the skin. The small blood vessels may also be visible.

– The next one is Papulopurulenta Rosacea which can lead to permanent redness with pus. Very often, people confuse Papulopustulosa Rocasea for acne because of their similar symptoms.

– The third one is Papulopustulosa Rosacea which produces utmost redness and ugly bumps on your face.

– Forth is known as Phymatous Rosacea. This will expand the nose and can cause an embarrassment for you among the public. The skin is inflamed and blood vessels are visible through the skin. The skin is thick and the other affected areas are the eyes and ears.

– Another strain which is not very often is Ocular Rosacea. It will affect the eyes by making it dry, red and very uncomfortable.

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