Rosacea Treatments – Rosacea Flareups Don’t Have to Rule Your Life

Rosacea is a skin condition that has cycles of recurrence which can make social aspects of life difficult, to say the least. If you have rosacea, you cannot predict when your next flare up will occur. Of course, there will be warning signs and other indications that a rosacea flare up is about to occur, however, for the most part rosacea can be a wild animal to tame.

The first thing someone with rosacea should consider changing is their diet. Foods such as caffeine and spicy dishes can lead to flare ups and should be avoided. Each individual should write down what they eat for two weeks every day and keep a record of their flare ups so that trigger foods can be identified. Once identified, these foods should be avoided or used sparingly with the understanding that a flare up may be imminent.

One spice that may offer relief is ginger. This pungent spice helps increase blood flow, serves to reduce inflammation, and may help increase the body’s immune functions. Willow bark extract may help to reduce the redness in the face and is an active ingredient in many rosacea treatment products such as zenmed or herbal applications.

Whether you’re rosacea condition is mild or severe it can have a negative impact on your self image and social life. Such a negative impact can rule your life to the point where you feel enslaved to the condition. One very irritating thing about this is that it seems the condition should be easily treated. The re-occurrence of the rosacea condition can also cause depression or other emotional problems, so treatment should not be delayed, even if you cannot afford a dermatologist. Online support groups and rosacea treatment options are readily available now days.

Rosacea is a skin condition which can be controlled through a regular diet and a consistent regimine designed to reduce flareups and increase the skin’s ability to heal itself and ward off breakouts. You should not have to stay locked in your room every time your rosacea decides to throw a fit. Don’t give up hope because there are many like yourself wh have learned to rule their rosacea rather than being ruled by rosacea.

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