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Sciatica Exercises And Sciatica Stretches – Why You Need To Avoid Them

Are you looking for information on the types of exercises for sciatica that can provide relief from pain? You may find many articles and websites suggesting different types of sciatica exercises. However, you need to understand that exercises can only provide temporary relief. They can not cure sciatica or provide a permanent solution for the problem.

Many people have mistaken notions that sciatica exercises can cure their sciatic condition and alleviate the pain. They also go to their chiropractor and ask them to suggest some sciatica stretches that they can do at home to get relief from pain. Exercises and stretches may provide relief for a moment, but the pain would often return quickly. Sometimes, the pain is more intense when it comes back. This defeats the whole purpose of doing exercises to relieve pain and discomfort from sciatica.

Medication prescribed by a physician is also not a permanent solution for sciatica. In fact, most medications focus on numbing the pain and do not even attempt to cure the actual problem. There is no special diet or miracle pill either, which can help patients get rid of their problem completely. Almost every solution aims at reducing pain and providing relief, and most of them act only for a short period of time.

There are also a few dangers in most of these solutions. Doing exercises for sciatica has the potential of damaging the affected region, making the condition worse instead of better. Normal, healthy people are aware of the fact that exercises would produce a little pain and discomfort, especially during the starting stages. They are told to press on even when they experience pain. Many people carry the same idea when it comes to sciatica exercises as well.

When sciatica sufferers try exercises, they would normally feel pain in the affected region. But since most people believe in the 'no pain, no gain' philosophy, they may press on their body sending them warning signs. This process can have a damaging effect on the body and sometimes worsen the situation.

Likewise, the drugs used for relieving sciatica pain can have different side effects. Some drugs can even damage the liver or cause kidney failure in patients. It is not a very wise decision to use medication that creates a new health problem while attempting to provide temporary relief for an existing health condition.

What you need is a tried and tested solution that really cures sciatica. It should focus on improving the cause of sciatica rather than dealing with the symptoms of the problem.

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