Stop Blushing – Foods to Avoid

What you eat and drink can have a dramatic affect on whether or not you blush. If you’re blushing frequently at the dinner table then you should definitely check out what it is you’re consuming. Here are a list of foods which are known to cause blushing and facial flushing. Remove these from your diet and it will help you Stop Blushing.

Spicy foods: Indian, Arabic, Japanese and South East Asian foods contain large amounts of spices in their dishes. Spices are a well known trigger of blushing and should be avoided from your diet. This frequently triggers blushing in people who do not normally have spicy food as part of their diet.

Hot foods: Especially hot soups are know to cause blushing. Not only can the food itself cause you to blush, but the steam which comes from the soup and hits your face can also create redness. Try waiting for the soup to cool before consuming it.

Coffee: Drinking coffee can cause some people to have a mild reaction against the caffeine and the coco beans. This produces a slight coloration of the skin and which is noticeable in brighter settings.

Alcohol: Some people easily turn red when they begin drinking alcohol. This is especially true for certain people of East Asian origin as they are lacking an enzyme which breaks down the alcohol. If at a social setting it’s best to choose the non-alcoholic alternative.

Food additives: You may be allergic to certain food additives. Additives known to cause blushing include: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Sodium Nitrate and Potassium Metabisulfite. Check the packaging to make sure these are not included and try to cook with whole foods instead of ready meals.

Mushrooms: Although quite a rare occurrence, mushrooms have been found to cause blushing in certain people. Scientists aren’t exactly sure what causes this but if you’ve tried everything else on the list then remove mushrooms from your diet and see if it helps.

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