The Benefits of the Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation

Anyone can learn how to interpret their own dreams with the scientific method of dream interpretation, which is the unique method that exactly translates dream messages, giving information and guidance to the dreamer.

In order to properly interpret your dreams, you only have to learn the basic dream symbols and the way you consider your dreams when you try to decipher their enigmatic message.

I continued Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the psyche through dream interpretation, discovering the wild side of the human conscience and the meaning of many more symbols, which made the complicated scientific method very simple.

Why? Because now we know the basic theme of the dream messages.

Jung didn’t know many things; this is why he was obscure on so many points. So many, that in the beginning I couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying… I had to read his books many times and take notes of my dreams every day in order to understand his method.

My simplification is due to the fact that I know very well what the wise unconscious mind that sends us dreams is talking about.

The main subject of all dream messages is the fight against craziness. The unconscious mind is always trying to help our human conscience fight against the anti-conscience; the primitive and violent conscience that tries to destroy the human side of our conscience through craziness.

Knowing this basic fact, dream interpretation becomes a very well defined translation.

Jung was never clear. There were many unexplained points in his statements. However, he did explain very well a few other points, and on these he was correct. He really is a genius to have discovered the exact way to translate dream messages.

He discovered the correct translation but he didn’t trust it enough. He had many doubts and fears, and so he didn’t continue the research.

With my simplification of his method, you simply look at your dream the same way that you look at a document written in another language. You translate the symbolic language into words that your conscience can understand and this way you can see what the unconscious is showing you.

Your dream is a representation. Suppose someone could not tell you in words what they wanted to, but could only use slides. This is what the unconscious mind does with the images you see in your dreams.

When someone tries to tell us something without using words, the number of possibilities about which they could be talking, are infinite. Without some sort of reference point, things are too hard to be guessed at.

When you try to guess the message, you ask the person to give you a clue. You ask them to tell you some feature or attribute, such as where you can find it, how it is used, and so on. Without knowing anything about what you are trying to guess at, you will never be able to find the correct answer.

If however, you do have a basic attribute, you have more chance of easily finding the correct answer. The more you know about what you are trying to discover, the easier your research becomes.

Usually the unconscious mind shows you the mistakes you make by following only one side of your personality and only one psychological function, as well as having another side only half-developed.

Jung knew that, but he didn’t take the unconscious warnings as seriously, and he thought that, ultimately, the human conscience should decide what the human being needed to do, even if it meant he ignored the advice of the unconscious.

He was wrong, because the human side of our conscience is also illogical, due to the existence of our ego, which connects the human side of our conscience to the wild anti-conscience. Our human conscience needs psychotherapy in order to be completely developed and eliminate the ego.

So, now you know the basic theme of your dreams.

I have already given you many lessons about dream interpretation and even the translation of many dream symbols in my previous articles.

Start writing down your dreams and compare them. Only when you write them down will you understand their mysterious messages and verify how true they are in your own daily life.

You’ll see that you must trust the unconscious mind, even when you don’t agree with what it is telling you. For example, you want to buy a house and you are very excited because you believe that this house is exactly what you need. However, the unconscious sends you many negative dreams about the house. What must you do?

Ignore the warnings? Or pay attention to the warnings and lose a good opportunity?

If the opportunity really was going to be good for you, the wise unconscious mind would not have shown you that there were problems with it.

You will see something that confirms the unconscious’ wisdom in the future, and you’ll be able to verify that you were protected when your unconscious stopped you from buying the house. You will see that, at the time, you ignored many things about the vendor of the house and its previous owners.

This is a very simple example, to show you that you must always follow the unconscious’ guidance, because the unconscious mind is wise and is always trying to protect you from craziness and despair, while your human conscience is quite absurd in many ways and ignores many things.

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