The January Diet

The holidays are over, but the feeling that your clothes are too tight remains. How can you lose that weight you just earned and keep it off?

There's a tendency to think extreme now and look for drastic diets to provide drastic results. Do not go there. The faster you lose weight the easier it is to put it back on again.

First you need to wean yourself away from your pound producing holiday habits. Is your house still filled with leftover holiday trees? Enjoy one or two of your favorites and give the rest away. You can not succeed if you let temptation remain in your house.

Were you piling your plate high with festive meals? Eat on smaller plates and chew each bite slowly.

Cut down on carbs and increase lean protein for a full energizing feeling.

Do not even think the word "diet." Instead think "lifestyle change." Take a good honest look at your life.

Do you get any exercise? Be honest. Whatever the answer, add ten minutes of exercise a day. It can be a brisk walk or climbing the stairs or dancing to your favorite music.

Do you drink enough water? Drink a glass of water before each meal. I know you've heard that before, but that's because it's really true. What feels like hunger is often thirst.

Eat hot soup once a day and loads of salad.
Use a strong mouthwash after dinner; it will spoil the taste of food and "just one bite," will lose its appeal.

Take one day at a time. If you keep this going for a month you will definitely succeed.

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