The King of All Diets – The Master Cleanse Diet

In the 1940’s Stanley Burroughs formulated a diet plan which people from his time called the “Master Cleanse Diet.” He passed this plan around by word of mouth until 1976 when he first put the Master Cleanse Diet into writing. Burroughs designed the diet in a way to relieve the body of harmful toxins, as it was not originally meant to be a method of weight loss. However, the people who implemented the diet into their lifestyles found that they quickly lost weight.

“Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days” is the title of a highly successful book that was published in 2004 by Peter Glickman. Glickman was a true devotee of Stanley Burroughs and his methods to rid the body of toxins. Glickman understood that by following the plan that Burroughs had formulated in the 1940’s, that people all around the world would not only free their bodies of debilitating toxins, but they could also lose weight through its methods.

Since the publication of Glickman’s book more and more people have embraced the teachings of the Master Cleanse Diet in some form or another. This diet is also commonly known by the names: the Maple Syrup Diet and the Lemonade Diet. Whatever the name may be, there is no denying that the Master Cleanse Diet is both effective and proven to aid in weight loss.

Beyonce Knowles a wildly popular rhythm and blues singer, struggled with weight for years. However, she began to rapidly lose weight and publicly contributed her weight loss to the use of the Master Cleanse Diet. This sparked a new revolution and fondness for the diet plan that quickly began to spread like wildfire throughout Hollywood and the world.

This effective dieting method involves fasting from solid foods for a period of time, wherein the person taking part in the diet only consumes liquids that contain lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and eight ounces of water. Though this diet appears to be drastic to many, it has been proven to be an effective and healthy way, when followed correctly, to lose weight and to remove toxins from ones body.

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