The Only Way to Truly Cure Acne – Period

Have you tried everything to clear your acne only for nothing to work long-term? This is the article you need to read then. I had acne for over 12 years and finally cleared it using all natural methods including diet, supplementation, and exercise.

Now I understand that you may have tried all three of these things separately to no avail, and therein lies the secret. You must have the correct diet, supplementation, and exercise period all at the same time to clear your acne 100% and for good. I am proof of this. After trying every product under the sun, ranging from benzoyl peroxide all the way to Accutane, to no permanent success, I found a few ebooks and purchased them. These were, without a shadow of a doubt, the single best purchases I have ever made in my own life. I am now acne free for the first time since 14 years of age and happier than ever.

The first step is exercise. I'll keep this short, because you do not need to be a marathon runner or powerlifter. Simply find a way to get some sort of exercise 30 minutes a day for as many days a week as you can. 6 days is ideal and everyone can find 30 minutes, there are no excuses.

Secondly, and possibly most important is diet. Changing my diet is the single biggest thing that has helped my acne and there is absolutely no way around this. You must avoid certain disaster foods to get rid of acne for good. This is an absolute fact.

Last is supplementation. Without supplementation you can probably get anywhere from 80-90% clear but I highly recommend just a few high quality nutrient dense supplements such as Spirulina to help aid in the destruction of this disgusting skin disease.

If you want the full information, simply check out my blog. I promise you can be acne free as long as you have the littlest bit of discipline.

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