What Causes Rosacea? Discover Hidden Causes of Your Rosacea Condition

Rosacea is a long-lasting disease that affects skin, eyes and eventually your life. Sometimes, it is called “Adult Acne”. About 15 million people in U.S.A. have Rosacea. Once you have Rosacea, you life won’t be the same anymore. That’s why many people are desperate to know what causes Rosacea problem in order to prevent and cure it from their life forever.

What Causes Rosacea

Firstly, you must understand that the actual cause of Rosacea is still unknown. However, the most common cause is your diet. Hot and spicy foods could be triggers for you redness. Moreover, alcohol drinks and chocolate could also cause undesirable condition. If you’re suffering from Rosacea, you should watch your diet carefully to have only foods that don’t aggravate your symptoms.

Direct exposure to the sun is another cause of Rosacea. Sun will make your skin weaker and then your redness will flare-up. Thus, you should always use sunscreen if you have to go outside. However, only sunscreen which is mild to your skin is recommended for the sufferers. Some types of sunscreen may hamper your skin.

Diets and sun exposure are quite common triggers. However, many patients will find that their conditions don’t get better even without those triggers. The next method to find the cause is to make a diary. Since the causes are different for each person, your diary will help you to understand your unique causes. When the redness shows up, you just have to look at your diary to see the foods you take. The correct answer of your causes of Rosacea might be waiting for you there.

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