What Is The Definition Of An EASY Diet When It Seems As If The Majority Are Difficult To Stick To?

Are you tired of going on diet programs claiming to be "easy" only to find out in the first week that it is STILL difficult for you to stick to the program? Is it your fault? Is it because you just do not have the willpower? Or, is it because most of these diets out here are only concerned about making their programs APPEAL to people instead of actually being simple, effective, and natural so that you'll stick with the program and get results? I think I would pick the latter!

My friend, if you want to know the true definition of an easy diet program so that you can find one and FINALLY get the body of your dreams, then I would like to help you today in this article I have written. This is because I was once in your shoes before, and once I found out the "truth", I have been on somewhat of a mission to help others finally breakthrough the nonsense and start getting RESULTS!

Alright, if you want to know the definition of an easy diet program, here are the 5 things that make a diet "easy" …

1. No severe restrictions – Not only will strictly restricting nutrients have an adverse effect on your body and metabolism, it is also extremely difficult trying to stick with a diet such as this. Eliminating carbs and fats, or decreasing calories WAY TOO MUCH … are all things that are considered "severe restrictions". I highly recommend you avoid dieting like this.

The side-effects of this type of program are digestive issues, a slow metabolism, yo-yo weight loss, very low energy, a weaker immune system, and believe it or not … even more.

2. No depriving – Depriving yourself of never eating those foods you were so used to in theory may sound like a good idea because those foods are bad for you. And yes, you absolutely should not eat those foods in the long run. But the key word here is "absolutely". In other words, this is something you should not do in the beginning of your diet. No matter how strong your willpower is, if you completely deprive yourself of foods you were used to in the beginning, it is a VERY high percentage chance that you'll end up giving up on your diet and returning back to your daily poor eating habits .

Restricting things too much is most certainly a surefire way to make dieting more of a nightmare than a natural lifestyle change.

3. It has to be based on eating regular store-bought foods – Getting your meals mailed to you or you being forced to shop in expensive health food stores is another thing that can make diet too difficult and expensive. If the program is based around eating normal (healthy and natural) foods that you can get from the store, then not only will you save a LOT of money, you will also find it easier to stick to the program.

4. It should not require you to become a statistician – What I mean by this is you should not have to count every single calorie, macronutrient, micronutrients, the percentage of this or that, etc., etc. Now yes, you most certainly want to keep track of what you are eating to avoid overeating and to also keep track of your progress. However, it should not get to the point where you have a thick book, special calculators, and all types of measuring tools. Otherwise, you will probably find yourself going crazy after awhile!

5. The bottom line – The diet has to produce fast, natural, and permanent results. And that's because seeing and feeling results = motivation to stay consistent with your program, and you will also find it easier to stick to a program if it is producing consistent and fast results!

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