Why Brown Rice Is Good for Your Diet

Rice is generally thought to be a healthy addition to the diet because of its source of fiber. As with other foods not all rice is equally nutritious, and brown rice has an advantage over white rice. Studies are now showing that brown rice may actually work against an endocrine protein which is a known compound in the development of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Researchers have shown that there is a compound in the layer of tissue surrounding the grains of this type of rice that work against high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Japanese rice has this layer which is located between the white center of the grain and the brown fibrous outer layer, is rich in dietary fiber and other nutrients making it a very nutritious and healthy food. When brown rice is polished to make white Rice, this layer stripped away and rice loses its nutrients.

This important layer can also be preserved in half milled rice or incompletely milled rice. These types of rice’s are popular in Japan because many people there believe they are healthier than white rice. By using the darker rice you get the benefit of the high fiber food and the nutrients of the heart healthy food.

The layer in brown rice actually inhibits the action of the endocrine protein. angiotension II, in developing high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. The study suggests that the layer of rice offers a protection against high blood pressure and atherosclerosis and can help explain why fewer people die of cardiovascular disease in Japan, where most people eat at least one rice dish per day, than here in the US, where rice is not a primary component of daily eating.

Most studies are quick to point out that the potential ingredient in brown rice is a good starting point for preventative medicine for cardiovascular diseases. They hope this gives you reasons for including brown rice in your diet and the additional health benefit of fighting cardiovascular disease by consuming half-milled or brown rice as part of your regular diet.

Is this an answer to cardiovascular disease. By all means no. What this is another step or block in your health care program. Remember many blocks make the building. This is another building block for your body. By including the rice specifically brown rice in your diet you can help your body fight heart disease.

As with all foods is important to remember that you need to incorporate these in your balanced diet plan. By limiting white rice, processed foods and other harmful carbohydrates, you will not only lose weight, but provide your body with heart healthy foods. A well balanced diet with good wholesome foods is critical in any weight loss program.

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