Your Rosacea Treatment Options

It is important to see a dermatologist immediately, if you see symptoms relating to Rosacea. Although there is no cure and the causes may be unknown, you will need to find a rosacea treatment as soon as possible.

Rosacea treatment is available and there are ways to keep the condition under control, that will prevent it from becoming worse and stop it turning into a more serious health issue.

The treatment options that are currently available aim at reducing the redness of the face and eruption and inflammation of the skin. If you have obtained an accurate Rosacea diagnosis, a dermatologist may prescribe antibiotics that will also help to prevent further papule or pustule eruptions.

You may need to use an antibiotic gel to help control the redness and inflammation that appear on the face. Work with your doctor to try and find out if lifestyle factors may be contributing to your condition.

Rosacea treatment involving the use of antibiotics can often be restricted due to the various side effects that many people have experienced. Some of these side effects have included increased sun sensitivity and stomach complaints. The best way to find the right Rosacea treatment is to determine the cause of the condition and then look at controlling the triggers.

Even after you have started treatment, the effects will not be immediately recognisable. It will take time to work effectively, and you also need to keep in mind that these treatments do not cure Rosacea; they are effective in relieving and reducing the symptoms.

You may find that the most common antibiotics used for Rosacea treatment include:

o Minocycline

o Erythromycin

o Tetracycline

o Minocin

Vitamin K, minerals and Arnica have also been successfully used to treat Rosacea over the long-term.

If you are looking for some alternative treatment, you will need to consider products that contain Vitamin A and Isotrentinoin. The anti-inflammatory qualities will help to prevent papules and pustules forming, and will be able to shrink the sebaceous glands that are contributing to this condition.

One of the most beneficial medications has been a topical cream used since 1989. It is called metronidazole and is also available under other brand names such as:

o Metrogel

o Metrocream

o Metrolotion

Another treatment that has been hailed as a miracle is Rosacea Ltd III. This product contains iron oxide, zinc oxide, sodium chloride, sulphur, magnesium sterate and polyethylene glycol. Positive results can often be achieved within 40 days of starting this treatment.

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