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Scabies Rash on Pets

Pets become infested with a different kind of scabies mite. If your pet is infested with scabies, (also called sarcoptic mange for dogs) and they have close contact with you, the mite can get under your skin and cause itching and skin irritation. However, the mite dies in a couple of days and does not reproduced. The mites may cause you to itch for several days, but you do not need to be treated with special medication to kill the mites. Until your pet is successfully treated, mites can continue to burrow into your skin and cause you to have symptoms.

Scabies is a mite causing itching and can be cured by treatment. It is not very likely that the pets will die it should survive the treatment quite easily. Scabies could be infected or catches from the pets especially dog, so close contact with the dog should be avoided. Scabies rash are lice that live on humans and mange is the canine equivalent. While scabies can be transferred to the dog, they do not live long enough on the dog to multiply, same with the transfer of mange to humans.

This kind of itching illness needs to be treated very aggressively (just like head lice) to prevent transfer to people, bedding, towels, bathroom rugs, clothing washed in hot water or dry cleaned. Scabies mites are treated with topical pesticides. However, you also need to decontaminate your home. You are strongly advised to avoid sharing of clothes with the scabies patient especially wet clothing because this mites will easily infected and spread to you.

There are several ways that your doctor can determine if that is making you itch so much is caused by scabies. Most of the time, a doctor can diagnose you just by looking at the rash, but sometimes further testing may be needed.

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