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Antioxidant Vitamin E – A Miracle Skin Booster

Vitamin E – who has not heard of this miracle-working antioxidant micronutrient? The vitamin is an effective antioxidant vitamin which protects polyunsaturated acids, especially in cell membranes, from damage by free radicals. Research and investigation by scientists has shown that this in turn helps to prevent heart disease.

The vitamin's potent antioxidant properties are also very good for the skin, to the extent that it is hailed by many women as an amazing healer of scars. The vitamin, in the same way, is also renamed for clearing spots, and is key in maintaining a wrinkle-free visage. Indeed, a glimpse at the shelves of any beauty store reveals a huge volume of products with labels emblazoned "vitamin E extract".

A good source of E in the diet is one of the best ways to make skin truly radiant. The vitamin also plays a crucial role in immune function and the repair of damaged DNA, and is widely used in the food industry to prevent fats becoming rancid.

Deficiency of the vitamin is actually quite rare – it mainly affects premature babies and people who can not absorb fat. Symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations and – shudder – anemia. A severe deficiency could cause muscle tissue damage and swelling of the adipose tissue.

The best sources of the vitamin include nuts, seeds, wheat germ, wholegrain cereals, fish, peanut butter, vegetable and sunflower oils – so stock up.

Remember that vitamin E is fat soluble. This means that small amounts of it can be stored in the body. Here a daily supply is not always necessary.

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