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Can Age Spots Appear When You Are in Your 20s?

We know age spots as a kind of skin problem that appears only when we get older. But is it also possible for people in their 20s to experience the development of these aging brown spots?

To fair-skinned people, yes it is possible. In fact, freckles and liver spots have the same characteristics as these spots. Also, if you are a self-confessed sun lover, you are increasing your risks of developing these spots at an early age.

The sun’s UV rays can trigger excessive melanin production in the skin of fairer people. Sometimes abnormal pigmentation happens and it results to blotched dermis with marked darkness on some areas.

You don’t have to worry about these spots developing on your skin if you are taking the extra mile in ensuring the functions of your dermis will work for a long time. That means having a good skin care regimen and following the right kind of diet everyday.

For a great skin care regimen, you will need to use moisturizer, lotion with sunscreen and some scrubs. Scrubs will help slough off dead skin cells on the surface of your dermis. This will make way for the creams you are going to put on it. Also, it will help make your dermis a lot smoother. Use brown sugar combined with honey for a scrub and this will also double as a whitener. It will help reduce surface pigmentations.

As for moisturizers and lotions, you need to choose those that contain natural ingredients only such as Avocado oil, grapeseed extract and Extrapone Nutgrass. Extrapone Nutgrass is one of the newest ingredients today and it has been proven effective in getting rid of pigmentations. According to many studies, this plant extract can actually reduce melanin production by up to 40% in the first few weeks of use. So if you already have those spots on your skin, you should try using a product with this ingredient to stop the further deterioration of dermis functions.

Avocado oil also works in the same way. But in addition to that, it gets rid of irritation, redness, sun burns and rashes caused by too much sun exposure. If you want a relaxing way to end your day, you should treat your dermis to a hydrating moisturizer with avocado oil.

As for grape seed extract, it has been proven effective by many experts in getting rid of sun spots and wrinkles. In addition to that, it also contains natural antioxidants that can reduce harmful free radicals in the body.

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