Dyson DC28 Animal: The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Lovers

Home cleaning can be very tiring. You will have to deal with dust, dirt, and every mess that the family made in a day. Cleaning is more difficult to complete when you have pets inside the house. Those pet hairs are literally everywhere and removing them can be very time consuming especially because they can be particularly tough to do.

Good thing there is powerful vacuum cleaners like the Dyson DC28 Animal. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for families who love to have their pets in their homes. It guarantees effective cleaning of every kind of dirt possible including pet hairs.

What makes the Dyson DC28 Animal so powerful are the full- packed features it contains:

  1. It has a flat out head which makes cleaning hard to reach surfaces a breeze. It can be used to clean the underside of furniture without moving it away.
  2. Even though it looks bulky, the unit is surprisingly light which makes moving it around easy. You never have to strain your body while using it to clean the house.
  3. It has user- friendly controls which are accessible in changing of the appropriate settings needed for different types of surface.
  4. This vacuum has a transparent canister for a dirt receptacle instead of a bag. Emptying it is easy hence much hygienic and you can actually see how much dirt had been collected.
  5. The whole unit has an ergonomic design which makes it easier to work on at any angle.

Another feature which makes it better than others is its being as certified anti-asthma and anti-allergy equipment. Most moms find it difficult to clean the house and deal with dirt which could trigger either an allergy or asthma attack. Pet hair also triggers the same conditions which means you have to use reliable equipment that will lessen the chance of occurrence. The filter is also washable which means you eliminate the need to change filters every now and then.

However, the downside of this model, however, is that it has a distinctively loud noise upon use. It is a small thing but this means that you have to be careful not to use it during night time when other people in the house are asleep. Unless you are going to be alone when cleaning up at night, it will be better to do the work during daytime.

All in all, the Dyson DC28 Animal is a worthy vacuum cleaner to own. It will work according to standards and will be able to handle tough jobs like cleaning the carpet, floor, and other surfaces and making them free from any pet hair. It is patented to last and work at its best without any danger of clogging or losing its suction power. It is guaranteed that you will utilize it fully due to its revolutionary ability to suck off even those nasty pet hairs that litters your home. And it even saves you the trouble of having asthma and allergy attacks while cleaning the house.

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