Glutathione Whitening

Glutathione whitening can be achieved by taking glutathione pills. There are a variety of companies offering these pills. The pills tend to be quite expensive at about $100 for 30 750mg capsules. For the purposes of skin lightening about 20 to 40 mg is required for each kilogram of body weight. This means that a person’s weight will determine how much dosage would be effective for skin whitening. Variations from one brand to another can also influence the effectiveness of the pills due to production methods and purity of the glutathione.

Apart from lightening the skin glutathione pills also have antioxidant properties. This makes them excellent for detoxifying the liver and general well being by combating oxidative stress caused by free radicals in the body. Glutathione whitening effects are affected by a number of factors. The absorption of glutathione depends on individual metabolic rate. Different people will achieve skin lightening with varying speeds. In fact, some people that take the lower dosages for the antioxidant properties alone have also ended up getting their skin lighter. Other people have been disappointed by products that work for some but do not seem to have the same results for them.

There are certain habits that can limit the effectiveness of glutathione whitening in an individual. Smoking is known to deplete glutathione levels in the body. This means that a smoker may not achieve the same results as a non smoker when using glutathione. Alcohol consumption also affects the effectiveness of glutathione. Normally, it is advisable to stop smoking and avoid alcohol so as to achieve skin lightening in a shorter period of time.

Glutathione whitening can also be achieved by taking supplements. The supplements are cheaper than pills but the effectiveness is also variable. Alternatively glutathione can be taken intravenously. Normally with pills a period of about 3 months of consistent consumption is necessary before the results are visible on the skin. Other nutrients can also enhance the absorption of glutathione such as vitamin C. Intravenous glutathione is more effective than the pills. For those requiring faster results than injectables are the way to go. Due to the prevalence of fake products on the market it is important to order from reputable suppliers. If opting for injectables then you will require professional service to prevent the risk of overdosing. Normally injectables are supplied to licensed clinics. It may not be in your best interests to source for intravenous glutathione online.

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