Help I Am Allergic To Dust Bunnies

If you are allergic to dust bunnies then you suffer from Allergies Type 1, also called Contact Allergies. Dust come into contact with your lungs and your hypersensitive immune system kicks in causing your life to become a nightmare. You can develop hives, shortness of breath, bronchial spasms and other symptoms.

Being allergic to dust bunnies is very hard to live with in today's environment. Every one of those vile and evil creatures must be hunted down and destroyed. They live under furniture, behind doors, in the corners of rooms, on ceiling fans, on curtains, on window screens, and along the baseboards of every room. They are sneaky little buggers and they multiply like – well like rabbits.

You need not have what you would consider a dirty house to suffer from dust allergies. Some of the more common overlooked ideas for dust management are as follows.

1. Carpets.

After you have purchased your carpets get down on your hands and knees, in a well lit room and slap the carpet with your hand. If you see dust rising into the air then you need a better vacuum cleaner. Most vacuums will blow the smaller particles of dust back into the air through the exhaust. You will need to get a vacuum that has some type of HEPA filter that traps microscopic particles of dust from being blown back into the air.

2. Ceiling Fans.

Ceiling fans not only trap dust on top of the fan blades but will also stirs up any dust in the area when turned on. Clean them weekly and if you must use them be sure to have a good HEPA type of Air Purifier in the area.

3. Curtains.

Run the vacuum over all curtains every week and wash them in the washing machine ever couple of months. If you have curtains that require dry cleaning, replace them because the chemicals used during the cleaning process can lead to problems with someone who has allergies or asthma.

4. Dusting.

Do all you dusting with a damp cloth. Using a dry cloth will only stir up the dust into the air.

5. Window Screens.

Take the window screens down and give the a good hosing four time a year.

6. Aerosol Cleaners.

Why put more pollutants into the air by using Aerosol Cleaners or deodorizers.

7. Kitchen Cabinets.

Most of us believe that kitchen is the cleanest room in the house. When was the last time you cleaned on top of the kitchen cabinets? If you have not cleaned up there in a while it will not be a pretty site.

As a last resort you could go to the World Center for Disease Control and see if you could stay in one of their Bio-hazard rooms.

Always consult your doctor before using this information.

This Article is nutritional in nature and is not to be construed as medical advice.

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