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How to Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally Using Only Your Hands – Get a Monster Penis in Record Time

Having a massive penis size can be the difference between living a fun filled and confident life with the ladies or living one that is filled with embarrassment and shame because you lack the large penis size necessary to give a woman full satisfaction. If you take a moment and imagine how great you will feel with the large penis size and how shocked the ladies will be when you drop your pants and reveal the monster hidden within. Your larger penis will almost always leave a memorable impression on the woman you are intimate with.

On the other hand if you suffer from a below average penis size then you may also be suffering in other aspects of your life such as your confidence and overall quality of life because you do not have a penis capable of completely and fully satisfying the woman that you are with. Now there is good news because solutions do exist that can cure you of your small penis and get you the massive penis that you imagined having earlier. In order to get that massive penis it is important to explore your options and weigh the pros and cons of each penis enlargement method so that you can choose a method that is safe and natural and gives you results that are both guaranteed and permanent.

One known method of penis enlargement is to use the vacuum pumps. These pumps work by using a suction motion to draw blood from your body and redirect it into your penis shaft which creates an increase of size. Although these pumps have a proven track record of enlarging your penis they also have a reputation for causing injury because of the poor quality make of them and the misuse by the consumer. This misuse can leave you with scars on your penis shaft that may take years to heal or even worse may be with you forever causing any woman that goes down on you to feel grossed out and awkward.

A more practical and natural way to increase your penis size is through natural penis enlargement exercises. These are great because you can do them in the comfort of your own home and if you follow a strict and consistent routine you will begin to see permanent results sooner than you can imagine. These exercises involve using your hands to promote massive blood flow to your penis shaft which when erect will cause the size to increase.

Two great penis enlargement exercises are called the PC muscle flex and the jelq. This exercise involves increasing the length and girth of your penis by using a milking motion with your thumb and forefinger gripping the penis shaft and moving inward and outward in various directions. Exercises such as this creates just the right amount of tension which causes cell multiplication to begin that will enlarge your penis.

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