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How to Remove Large Skin Tags – You Do not Need to Spend a Lot of Money For a Doctor

Quite a lot of people have a problem with skin tags. The cause of them is not certain, but is thought to be from the friction of skin rubbing against skin or possibly rubbing against clothes. They are not harmful, but they can be really annoying because they can often get worn on your jewelry or rub against your clothes and be very painful. The small ones are not so bad, but if you have bigger ones and would like to know how to remove large skin tags, here are a couple of things you can try.

One method that is used by many as a home treatment is to cut off the blood supply of the skin tag. You can accomplish this by tying a small piece of thread or even dental floss around the base of the tag. If it's and a hard-to-reach place you can have someone help you with this. Tie a snug knot and after a few days the tag should fall right off on its own.

Another method that works for some people is to take some regular duct tape, just the kind you have laying around the house, and apply it to the tag. Be sure to cover it completely. Keep it on all day, maybe even for a couple of days. When the tape becomes loose check to see if the tag has fallen off. You can try this daily for a few days until you get the results you want.

Compound W can sometimes work to remove large skin tags. You can purchase some over the counter at your local drugstore.

Try a couple of these treatments on your own and see if you can get rid of your tags by yourself and avoid the costs of seeing a dermatologist. The benefit of going to the doctor and having them removed is it will be done in a matter of minutes rather than having to wait for a few days for the tag to fall off when using your home remedies. However the cost savings will be worth it.

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