Is an Electric Fly Swatter Dangerous?

Electric Fly swatter is another innovation that has come up in recent times. It has been of great help in killing the unwanted flying objects like flies and mosquitoes from our homes, which have been of great concern in recent times. But, is this device completely safe? Is there any potential dangerous when people use it?

As you notice, the insects (such as flies and mosquitoes) must have been the reason for running temperatures and other health issues that sometime arise in our homes. However, today, this is not the case anymore. We can kill those nuisances with just a swipe of the Electric fly swatter.

This device at first look resembles to a toy, but it is not so. Although it looks like a badminton racquet but that wiring area is actually an electric wired grid which can be turned on by pressing the button on the handle and is operated with batteries.

Whether or not its usage is dangerous, it actually depends on how we use and store this electric powered equipment. If it’s used carelessly, then it can hurt yourself or other people.

If it’s left alone, then small children in the house can pick it up and start playing with it while considering it to be a toy. If they turn it on by accident then this can lead to a big disaster.

Keeping that electric fly swatter in our hands while sitting on the chair can harm us when we fall a sleep, because we could turn it on and then touch that wired grid, which can give us a big electric shock.

It’s also considered dangerous if it touches the areas or substances that can be potentially ignited by electric current (Flammable substances, electrical equipments, machinery with moving parts, and sources of static electricity).

If we can keep a watch on all these things, then this electric fly swatter can prove to be a real boon instead of being dangerous if left unmanned or used carelessly. Whenever nobody is using it, we can take out the batteries and store it to save us and our beloved ones from having unpleasant incidents.

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