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Learn About The Reasons For Glowing Skin

What are the reasons for glowing skin? What does it even look like? It seems to be a matter of opinion.

It has long been said that a pregnant woman had a healthy glow. The glow could be due to hormonal changes or a general sense of happiness. These days, it could have attributed to the pre-natal vitamins.

One thing we can say for sure is that the skin's appearance is directly related to the person's health. Nutrient deficiencies of almost any kind can be seen by taking a look at the person's hair, skin and nails.

There is a direct relations ship between the skin's health and the health of the hair and nails. Hair, nails and skin-cells are composed of structural proteins like keratin and collagen.

The skin's collagen content may be one of the reasons for glowing skin.

Collagen is known to make the skin's outer layers less transparent; more translucent. When people lose collagen as a result of illness or age, the translucence is lost. Tiny blood vessels beneeth the surface can be seen, causing a pale or bluish pallor and contributing to the appearance of dark circles beneeth the eyes.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to replenish the skin's collagen content by applying the protein directly. It's something like the protein-enriched shampoos and nail polishes. They may cause a shine or "glow" initially, but the effect is a cosmetic one. The cells are not actually absorbing the protein.

The collagen supplements that are relatively popular are probably ineffective as well. There would be no guarantee that the collagen consumed would end up somewhere in the skin's layers.

There are some nutritional formulas that have been shown to stimulate collagen production and increase the amount that can be measured in the skin.

Those formulas include avocado extract and the nano-particle form of the antioxidant coenzyme Q10.

If collagen content is one of the reasons for glowing skin, creams containing either of those ingredients should be beneficial. Then there is the issue of hydration.

The glow you see after a run or other form of exercise is due to heat and perspiration. Perspiration increases the skin's hydration, at least momentarily. But without some sort of moisturizer or humectant, the moisture is quickly lost to the air.

Grape seed oil and the active form of the protein keratin have been shown to help prevent moisture loss, which should give you the glow you are after.

Some of the best nighttime anti-aging moisturizers contain avocado extract, COQ10 and keratin. Using the moisturizer at night should allow you to wake up with a healthy glow.

Some of the best daytime moisturizers, contain grape seed oil, keratin and COQ10, they could give you an all-day glow.

There could be other reasons for glowing skin, but moisture and collagen content are certainly the top two.

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