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Life after Marriage – Everyday – Respect – Communicate

Many people are still asking me how is life after marriage …

I remembered on last Saturday, one of my friends asked me to join them for dinner.

I replied, "Sorry, I can not. I have promised to have dinner with my family."

For me, after and before married life are the same but with extra commitment and responsibility.

Commitment to wash the dishes as what I had promised her but she brought out the dishes to the dining table.

Commitment means to set aside one day of the week to go out for a walk, no matter how busy we are.

Commitment also means to spend 1 hour everyday to do sports or simply go for a walk no matter how busy or tired we are after work. After walking, we feel more stress-free.

To me, responsibility means to hear my wife out. It does not matter if they are grumbles, worries, word of concerns, or her fears. (Likewise for her, she hears me out no matter how busy she is)

Responsibility means to empower her, to tell her she has done her best and I will support her no matter what decision she makes.

Responsibility means to take good care of her, to kiss her every night before sleep, to tell her "I love you" everyday, to cuddle her and to make sure she feels safe and protected.

Marriage is not a one-time event. It needs a course of eternity to make marriage.

So we can start off with communicating with each other.

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