Most Expensive Teas

The hills of Darjeeling are home to the most expensive teas in the world. Called the queen of teas, these leaves are exclusively handpicked by the best of the workers and only on full moon nights.

Fetching up to four hundred dollars per kilogram, these silver tip luxury teas are one of the most expensive varieties. The first flush picked in early April has a better aroma. Also these leaves are smaller in size and need greater care. A type of oolong called Tieguanyin is very expensive tea and served in China only for special occasions. There are two varieties, one picked in fall and one in the summer.

These leaves are brewed multiple times to infuse a fine flavor. Silver needle, white peony, tribute eyebrow and long life eyebrow are varieties of white tea which are also very expensive. Leaves are plucked even before they open fully and fried to prevent any sort of fermentation. The silvery hairs lend an exotic look.

The yellow gold buds from Singapore are one of the most expensive varieties in the world. Harvested only on one mountain, one day in a year, these leaves are covered with 24 carat gold flakes. Possessing a beautiful sheen, these gold plated leaves may cost up to hundred Singapore dollars for a few grams.

Gold is considered good for the body and the care taken in plucking these leaves and drying them to extract the right amount of juices explains the high cost of these expensive yellow teas.

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