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Sinus Headache Relief May Be Minutes Away!

Sinus headache relief can be either temporary or permanent. Of course permanent relief is more desirable but as we will see some remedies bring immediate but not permanent relief. Sometimes we desperately need immediate relief, for permanent relief takes time. Incidentally it is important to be able to tell whether your headache is sinus related or whether it is migraine. For more on this, see this topic on my natural remedy guide web site.

The approach to temporary relief is to seek to clear the sinus passages of mucus and thus reduce that buildup of pressure. The approach to permanent relief seeks to determine the cause of the sinus condition and thereby seek means of removing the cause of your sinus.

Let us look at some sinus headache relief from each perspective Immediate Sinus Headache Relief (note that relief of the sinus will also relieve the headache)

· Eat some jalapeño pepper and almost immediately your sinus will begin to drain

· Inhalation of warm steam from peppermint is very effective. Add the essential oil and you have a double effect of opening the sinuses.

· Eucalyptus can be similarly used

· A teaspoon of fine cinnamon and water mixed and placed on the forehead is great if yu are exposed to cold weather

· Dry ginger and water made to a paste will do great wonders

· A hot foot bath and a cold compress to the forehead is effective for severe sinus headache..note the different temperatures for the foot and forehead · Use a Saline nasal spray

· Herbs such as Skullcap, Devil’s Claw, Feverfew, Willow Bark – these are all traditionally known to relieve headaches

More Permanent Sinus Headache Relief (how we can stop that headache from coming back)

Ensure that your immune system is functioning well. Use much green vegetables and fresh made fruit juices. Vitamins C, D, E are essential

· Correct your diet! There are foods which are mucus forming. Mucus is what is blocking the passages after the inflammation. Cut out the use of dairy, sweets, tobacco, alcohol, cold foods and oily and greasy foods

· Make lifestyle changes such as – no late eating, no overeating and irregular eating

· Try to reduce stress in your life..Meditation, study of the bible are wonderful..Trust in God

· Colds and flu affect your nasal passages. Use Echinacea to ward off colds at the first signs.

· Bromelain seems to reduce inflammation but studies are still to prove this as conclusive. However it is found in pineapples and if you are of a mind to use supplements please ensure that you are not taking anti-coagulants. If so please first consult a medical professional.

· Try to deal with asthma and allergy attacks quickly

· Inhaling steam 3 or 4 times per day. This can be done by running the shower at hot with the bathroom door closed and inhaling the steam.

It is important to remember that what may work for me may not be as well received by your body. Sometimes just the smell of herbs may intensify your headache. So if something does not work just stop it. The good thing about natural remedies is that you van take control and not depend on a doctor’s prescriptions all the time. Be ye healed. Please feel free to visit http://www.natural-remedy-guide.coml for more information

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