Skin Whitening – Turmeric is Used in Old Villages

If you are trying to whiten your skin safely then there are so many alternatives than using chemicals. Many women are looking for an effective way to lighten their skin. In most countries being white is very important, they see it as beauty. Men in these countries often prefer to choose a light skin wife rather than a dark complexion woman. In the West this isn’t as important in fact, people are doing what they can to get darker but we do see skin lightening products all over the place which means people are buying them.

The first step to have whiter skin is to protect yourself from the sun. Exposure to the sun will darken your skin immediately. If you go out everyday, by the end of the summer you will be a few shades darker. The best way to avoid a sun tan is to stay home during the afternoon when it is the sunniest time of the day and also apply a good sun block lotion. This way you avoid the UV rays from touching your skin.

Clean and exfoliate your skin regularly this way you get rid of old dead cells which helps lighten your skin. Use a very good daily moisturizer for your face.

The food you choose to eat can help with you with hyper pigmentation. Eat food high in fiber like fruits and vegetables; this will slow down your production of melanin giving you a fairer complexion.

Other ways to lighten your skin is to buy a good skin whitening cream. Read some reviews about specific products and if you think it is all just a scam then look for home remedies. Yes, there are natural home remedies that are known to lighten your skin.

In some countries women use herbs to lighten their skin. They also use ground turmeric mixed with a little water to form a paste and rub it over their face. They do this everyday so they walk around all day with yellow faces. It’s a very old custom in some very old villages. It takes some effort to wash off turmeric because it stains the skin but they truly believe it does work as a natural sunscreen and a natural skin whitener.

In these old villages women begin to use turmeric for their daughters from as young as 10 years old. Every bride to be will have this on her face 24/7 for at least a month before her wedding. This not only whitens the skin but also keeps it very soft and clear.

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