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Surf Skincare – How to Protect Your Skin From Sun, Sea & Saltwater and Keep it Healthy

There is no doubt that surfing improves your health and can even be beneficial for your skin but all that salty sea water and relentless sunshine can wreak havoc on your skin with unsightly consequence including sun spots, wrinkles and worse.

This generation is a lot savvier about the damaging effects of surf and sun than our predecessor were and know that being diligent about your skin care routine is key.

Surfing is not like going sunbathing–you’re in the water for hours on end and you tend to be a lot more active especially when falling off your board or wiping out a few times. This all means that you need a heavy duty sunscreen that will stay on.

Look for a formula that you can apply before you get into the water that won’t clog your pores.

Being diligent with your sunscreen includes your lips–get a lip balm with an SPF of at least 30.

If you are especially prone to burning then consider investing in a cap with a brim that you can wear in the water.

Something that everyone should wear is a rash vest (rashguard). Shoulders and back are particularly vulnerable to getting sunburned especially when you’re face down on your board for extended periods. Skip the ugly peeling shoulders and put on a rash vest.

After a day of slathering on sunscreen, skin can feel as waxy as the surface of your surfboard, so use a flannel/face cloth in the shower with your shower gel to gently remove all traces of sunscreen and sand from your skin.

Once squeaky clean again, smooth some moisturizer all over to soothe tired skin and get all-over healthy radiance.

In my opinion it is not worth using a an expensive body moisturizer because, if you surf a lot, you will find that you use a lot. Instead I use sweet almond oil mixed with whatever essential oils are my flavour of the month. It’s luscious, light and I can just smooth it over me in a flash after a shower. It absorbs right into the skin and it’s fast, natural and cheap!

Despite all the precautions, now and then you get burned. I have found that aloe vera gel works the best–you can either use the spikes form an aloe plant or just buy aloe vera gel in a tube, either work well and it takes the heat of your skin.

Be kind to your skin when surfing and you will be rewarded with sun-kissed, radiant, healthy-looking skin.

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