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The Cure For Dog Allergies – The Cure is Usually Found by Investigating the Cause

The cure for dog allergies does not have to be overwhelming. Your goal is to find the source that created the symptoms. Some symptoms might indicate the onset of an ailment or disease. More often though, these symptoms are a direct result of a food allergy.

Keep in mind that a food allergy is not the same as food intolerance. Food intolerance means the dogs stomach is not able to digest or process food correctly. The result is usually vomiting and diarrhea as the dogs stomach is trying to rid the body of the non-tolerated food.

As with humans, your dog might have eaten the same food for years and all of a sudden develop an allergic reaction to an ingredient.

Dog food allergies usually appear in a dog by having some or all of these symptoms:

Skin rashes and hives
Ear infections that continue to reoccur
Chronic dry skin
Itchy Skin
Skin Infections
Chronic vomiting
Chronic diarrhea

A vet will often prescribe steroids or antihistamines. Most food allergies will improve a day or two and then the symptoms will reoccur. These drugs work for other kinds of allergies in dogs but do not work well for food allergies. That is because your dog is still eating the problem ingredient that he is allergic to.

One of the ways used to determine the ingredient culprit is to do an exclusion diet. This diet involves eliminating one ingredient at a time from the dogs diet for several weeks to determine which ingredient is causing the allergy.

Unfortunately, most all dog foods contain so many ingredients that it is nearly impossible to use the exclusion diet.

The cure for dog allergies might be achieved by using a special dog food formula that contains different ingredients from the regular brands. A common alternative formula uses a combination of lamb and rice as the main ingredient. This combination does not tend to trigger food allergies.

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