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What’s the Best Body Lotion For Extra Dry Skin?

When looking for the best body lotion for extra dry skin, most people go at getting it the wrong way.  Here’s the right way to make sure you get one that treats dry skin effectively.

Finding the best body lotion for extra dry skin all comes down to knowing what kind of ingredients to look for.  Forget about everything that’s written on the product (it’s all marketing) and focus on the ingredient list.  Because a skin care product can only be as good as the ingredients it contains.

Here’s the type of ingredients to look for in the best body lotion for extra dry skin:

*First of all, only use a cream or lotion that’s made with all-natural ingredients.  They react well with your skin because they are very similar to your existing oils.  Synthetic ingredients can irritate the skin, and even make your skin worse. 

*Deep-penetrating moisturizers: A big reason people have extra dry skin is because they use products that can’t penetrate deep into the skin.  Most products contain mineral oils, which actually clog your pores and make your skin worse when you stop using them.

*Ingredients that help seal in this moisture:  Natural substances like grapeseed oil will actually create an invisible barrier on the skin to retain moisture.  This is key for keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day.

*Ingredients that help regulate your natural sebum production:  The whole reason why your skin is dry is because your body isn’t producing enough sebum (natural oils).  Ingredients like jojoba oil and maracuja actually help regulate sebum production and find a healthy balance for the skin.

Keep in mind too that a product doesn’t have to be marketed as a lotion for extra dry skin in order to be effective.  And I suggest not getting a body lotion at your local drug store or pharmacy, simply because most of the products you find there are made with cheap synthetic ingredients, which explain why they have such a low price tag.

What I consider to be the best body lotion for extra dry skin contains ingredients that address these issues, and I’ve gotten amazing results. Not only is my skin not dry anymore, it’s more youthful and smooth because most of the ingredients have anti-aging benefits!

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