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The Best Foods For Diabetics on Insulin

The Best Foods For Diabetics on Insulin

The best foods for diabetics on insulin are rich in nutrients that improve insulin sensitivity. I call them “insulin promoters” because they promote more efficient cellular uptake of glucose from the blood.

Eating a diet rich in promoters enhances the effects of insulin therapy by targeting insulin resistance, the hallmark of type 2 diabetes. Taking insulin when resistant to its effects simply won’t work. You have to re-sensitize your body to insulin with foods rich in promoters in order to gain optimal blood sugar control.

I suggest adding the following foods, rich in insulin promoters, to your diabetic diet today.

The Best Insulin Promoters

The best insulin promoters contain high levels of lipoic acid. As a powerful antioxidant, lipoic acid positively affects blood sugar control and the development of long-term complications. It’s believed that lipoic acid promotes optimal glucose control by protecting insulin receptors located on the surface of muscle cells.

Successful insulin therapy is totally dependent on healthy receptors, making lipoic acid a key component of a diabetic diet. It’s effectiveness as an insulin promoter is best supported by the recent approval in Germany for its use in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Foods rich in lipoic acid include:

1. Collard greens

2. Lean red meats (organ meats)

3. Brewer’s yeast

4. Cruciferous Vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower)

I also suggest taking a lipoic acid supplement. Take the “R” form of lipoic acid. This is the more active form found in nature. Take between 200 mg and 300 mg/day.

The Second Best Insulin Promoters

The second best insulin promoters are foods rich in chromium. It’s an essential trace mineral that plays a significant role in sugar metabolism. Chromium helps control blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes and improves metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.

A study of type 2 diabetics compared two forms of chromium (brewer’s yeast and chromium chloride). Both forms of chromium significantly improved blood sugar control by promoting the uptake of glucose into the tissues after eating a carbohydrate rich meal. Fasting blood glucose levels were also lowered during a 2 month follow-up period.

Foods rich in chromium include (in order of most to least):

1. Egg yolk

2. Brewer’s yeast

3. Breads (whole grain, wheat, sprouted, rye)

4. Apples

5. Spinach

6. Oranges


Insulin promoters, rich in lipoic acid and chromium, are the best foods for diabetics on insulin. If you’re taking insulin, your diet should include foods like collard greens, broccoli, apples, and whole grain. Insulin promoters…the difference between disease or health.

For more information, visit The Diabetic Diet Guidelines.