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The Cell Therapy of Anti-Aging

The Cell Therapy of Anti-Aging

Nowadays, diet therapy has been an important way for people to resist aging. A kind of healthy and regular diet can effectively help people resist aging. In fact, the real health risks are not caused by infectious diseases and acute diseases but by diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. These diseases are mainly caused by the imbalanced diet. Therefore, eating in a right way is rather important. Right diet can provide essential nutrients for the cells inside the human body. The human body is composed of approximately 70 trillion cells. When the cells get enough nutrients, people can get adequate energy to maintain life activities. The cell therapy has been developed to help people keep healthy and resist aging.

The cell therapy mainly includes three steps. The first step is to provide essential nutrients for the cells; the second step is to create excellent environment for the cells to survive; and the last step is to increase the anti-oxidation ability of the cells.

The foods we eat in our daily life can be divided into two categories. The first category is acid foods which produce acid substances like carbon, sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine inside the human body. These foods mainly include meat, wine and staple food. The second category is alkaline foods which can produce alkaline substances like potassium, sodium, calcium and iron inside the human body. These foods include fruits and vegetables. The cells need a kind of comprehensive and balanced nutrition. Therefore, the ratio of acid foods and alkaline foods inside the human body must be balanced. The cells can depend on themselves to conduct self-restoration to some degree if people do not absorb balanced nutrients at the beginning. However, if people always make such a mistake, the cells will gradually lose the normal functions and cause various diseases.

What's more, more than 70% of the human body is composed of water, including blood, gall, pancreatic juice, saliva, urine and so on. These kinds of water are called "body fluid". The PH value of body fluid suitable for the cells to survive is about 7.0 to 7.4. However, few people pay attention to the PH value and body fluid usually more and more acid. Then the cells must use the alkaline substances to neutralize the acidity. Thus, people can not use enough nutrients to improve the physical conditions. In fact, the aging of the human body is caused by the aging of the cells. To increase the anti-aging ability of the cells is an important way to resist aging. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the anti-oxidation ability of the cells. Free radicals inside the human body can attack the cells and accelerate the oxidation of the cells. People should often eat the foods which can eliminate free radicals and other anti-oxidation substances which contain vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene .

In short, the cell therapy can effectively help people resist aging, and the key is to improve the healthy and balanced diet.