The Economics Of Aging – Strain On Health Care Budget And Aging Population

America is aging very fast. Within another 15 years (i.e.) by the year 2025, 70 million Americans will be above the age of 65. And in the year 2040, as many as one million people will be centenarians celebrating their 100th birthdays. But few people would want to reach such an elderly age if they knew they wouldn’t have the physical strength to blow out the birthday candles or would be too weak to cut the cake. Anti aging medicine is not simply about extending life for the mere sake of extending life. The aim of real anti aging therapy would be to delay the onset of aging and increase the number of vital, disease-free years that you can expect to enjoy.

There is also huge economics fallout of aging as well. In the United States, we spend over a trillion dollars on medical care each year, much of it devoted to crisis intervention and chronic care of elderly population. The diseases that afflict the elderly like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions associated with aging cause a huge financial strain. As we continue to age as a population, we run the risk of stretching the health care spending beyond acceptable limits. By taking the alternative approach of using strategies to maintain health throughout life and prevent illness before it occurs-we could potentially save billions of dollars in health-care costs every year.

Conventional medicine generally offers drug treatments or surgery once an illness has happened and does little to prevent health problems. In addition, these conventional approaches are often fraught with serious side effects. Alternative medicine recognizes that illnesses do not have a single underlying cause, but multiple factors acting in tandem overload our body systems to cause the ailments.

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