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The Life of a Penis – A Story of Rough Treatment and Potentially Sad Outcomes

The Life of a Penis – A Story of Rough Treatment and Potentially Sad Outcomes

Never mind Old Yeller or Fido – as every guy knows, man's best friend is really his penis. But for a buddy that's there for him no matter what, the penis is subject to some pretty poor treatment – it gets jerked around, roughed up, mishandled, and pummeled more than just about any other part of the body.

For guys who really care about their penis, it's time to start thinking about what the manhood really needs – a little compassion and some TLC. Treating it to some gentle handling and nourishment with penis-specific vitamins and minerals can help to keep a penis in top condition and ready for the next round of action.

The life of a penis …

As a kid, a guy roughhouses and horses around, bounces up and down on bicycle seats, and spends plenty of time wrestling with friends or siblings. Soon sports take a toll on the penis as well, and when a teenager discovers that special feeling, masturbating can become an almost constant occupation. Later, aggressive partners, vigilant oral sex, and even more masturbating add to the beating the penis takes on a regular basis. Add all of this to rough clothing, harsh soaps and detergents, and tight latex condoms, and it's a wonder the skin of the penis does not become as callused and tough as the hands and feet.

How rough treatment affects the penis

All of this aggressive handling can result in some common penis problems that affect how the penis looks and feels, and how this rough treatment can even get in the way of sexual pleasure:

• Dry, peeling and irritated skin – Rough fabrics, the chemicals found in many detergents and personal cleansers, spermicides, and dry rubbing can all cause the skin of the penis to lose its natural moisture, leading to dry, flaking skin, irritation, and an overall wrinkled, unattractive appearance.

• Redness, infection, and soreness – Frequent masturbation, tight clothing, irritation from soaps and fragrances, aggressive sex, and rough hand jobs from partners can all cause the penis to become reddened, sore and even inflamed if the skin is not properly trated and allowed to heal.

• Loss of penis sensation – Over time, most guys experience some degree of penis sensation loss, which is often the result of damage to the outer layers of skin, as well as the deficicate network of nerve tissue just under the skin's surface. Stimulating skin and nerve cell regeneration through proper nourishment of the dermal tissue is important in maintaining sensitivity of the erogenous skin.

• Fungal and bacterial infections – Tearing and pressure damage to the skin cells can create minute fissures in the skin's surface, allowing microbes to penetrate and cause infection. Bacterial and fungal infections can cause soreness, swelling, severe itching, and loss of sensation, so care should be taken to keep the skin in top condition.

How to give the penis the care it needs

Women are not the only ones who can benefit from moisturizers, vitamins and minerals, and other important skin nutrients. However, creams and lotions designed for a woman's face do not contain all of the ingredients needed to promote penis health. In addition, these products often contain fragrances and dyes which can actually irritate the skin further. On the other hand, a high-quality penis health formula (health experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and all-natural hydrating agents work to stimulate the body's natural healing ability and keep the penis skin healthy, soft , and supple. With the right care, the penal can bounce back from all of the rough treatment it receives and continue to provide the pleasure and excuse that men have come to expect for years to come.