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What Exactly is Rosacea? Read This To Find Out

What Exactly is Rosacea? Read This To Find Out

Rosacea is a very common problem yet not many people are aware of what it is – if they’ve even heard of the term. Not to mention the fact of those who have this skin disorder yet are not aware of it.

Rosacea is a skin condition that produces a red face (or blushing) with acne-like effects. Although it can be mistaken for acne, in most cases rosacea is totally different. Unlike acne which affects the oil (sebaceous) glands, rosacea affects the skin and the blood vessels.

The cause is actually unknown and there is no cure. However, there is medical help available to control the symptoms. Early treatment will prevent further skin damage.

Rosacea can be aggravated when subject to sunlight, heat, hot water, cold wind and/or after exercise. Spicy foods can also cause Rosacea to become a problem. Because wine is known to cause the facial skin to blush, it should be avoided with Rosacea. There are also other foods that affect some rosacea sufferers but not others. These foods can include chocolate and cheese.

Rosacea occurs mostly in adults between the ages of 30 and 60. Women are also more likely to have this skin condition.

If you have any of the following signs it is best to see a dermatologist and get treatment before the condition becomes worse:

Redness of cheeks, chin, forehead or nose


Small blood vessels

Watery eyes

Now some people do have acne rosacea (both conditions) and it is a little more difficult to treat because both conditions need to be treated effectively. Most acne treatments are irritating to Rosacea, causing the Rosacea to flare-up thus causing the acne to become worse. The foods and activities mentioned above can also make the acne worse.

There are oral and topical antibiotics that will treat the acne without irritating the rosacea. The best step is to see a dermatologist to prescribe such a medication. Also it is important to be aware of diet, environment and activity level that can make both or either condition worse.



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