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What Is The Best Skin Care For Aging Skin Beyond Your 60’s?

What Is The Best Skin Care For Aging Skin Beyond Your 60’s?

Your skin goes through a lot of changes over the years, and each decade brings its own unique challenges. SO, what is the best skin care for aging skin? That depends on where you are in life. Here’s a basic breakdown to help you better understand what is the best skin care for aging:

Your 30’s

Your skin may have looked great in your 20’s, but you may notice some changes as you enter into the decade of your thirties. Suddenly small laugh lines and crinkles appear around your eyes, giving you that more “mature” look. You can slow down the progression of time by following these simple tips:

• Moisturize. This will help keep moisture in and free radicals out.

• Avoid harsh skin care products. Now’s the time to ditch harsh cleansers and start treating your skin with gentler products.

• Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water (at least 6-8 glasses every day); avoid caffeine and lay off of the alcohol.

• Quit Smoking. Nothing ages the skin faster than cigarettes.

• Relax. Stress too can cause wrinkles, so slow down and relax.

Your 40’s

The 40’s are a time of change. Your hormones are in an upheaval at the same time your house grows quieter as children grow up and move away. Then your skin starts to show the signs of age. What’s a gal to do? Try these tips:

• Use sunscreen daily under your moisturizer. Be sure it’s at least an SPF 15 (or higher).

• Use milk based creams and lotions instead of harsh, chemical-ridden ones.

• Moisturize daily with an antioxidant moisturizer.

• Try a facial steam to help hydrate the skin.

Your 50’s

As you enter your 50’s the best skin care regimen includes:

• Keeping skin dry

• Using a natural fiber brush to gently brush away dead skin cells across your entire body.

• Use a massaging oil daily to keep skin hydrated properly.

• Moisturize

Your 60’s and Beyond…

What is the best way to care for aging skin in your 60’s, and beyond? Begin by:

• Gaining some weight. A little fat on your face will help it look younger and healthier.

• Eat a healthy well-balanced diet

• Drink plenty of fluids

• Exercise regularly

• Control stress

• Use a non-abrasive exfoliating mask weekly

• Check for signs of change on the skin (moles, irregular coloring etc.)

I hope this article has given you some answers to the question, “what is the best skin care for aging skin?” Still have more questions? Then check out my website for additional article and tips, plus a complete listing of all natural skin care products designed for the older user in mind: