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Which Age Spot Cream Should I Use, a Natural Skin Whitening Cream or a Retinoid?

Which Age Spot Cream Should I Use, a Natural Skin Whitening Cream or a Retinoid?

If you are looking for an age spot cream, you’ve probably considered talking to your dermatologist about prescribing you a retinoid cream. Or you’ve considered purchasing one of the over-the-counter varieties. If so, you may want to reconsider and opt for a natural alternative instead. In this article, I will discuss reasons why you may want to stay away from retinoids and why natural alternatives are much better.

For many years, people have used retinoids often to treat skin acne. These creams are a class of chemical compounds that contain vitamin A. In recent years, people have turned to these types of creams for treating age-related skin problems such as age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. While retinoids offer many benefits, they can be harsh on the skin, especially of the sensitive type. This is why they are usually prescribed under careful supervision.

Retinoids work by scuffing off the old skin cells, allowing new ones to generate. However, such compounds can produce harsh side effects while treating your age spots or other skin problems. Side effects that could occur include: redness, dry skin, and peeling skin. By exposing your skin to the sun, the side effects can be even more severe. That’s why dermatologists advise their patients to use sunscreen when applying retinoids.

Now, you’re probably wondering what other age spot cream is available. And you’re probably wondering why retinoids have been touted often as the choice for getting rid of age spots. Well, believe or not, the answer simply is: they are a quick fix. This is usually the case with all scientifically formulated topical creams. However, you must pay a price sometimes when using such formulations.

The alternative is to use an age spot cream that can treat and nourish you skin holistically. One cream that falls under this realm is one which contains extrapone nutgrass, a powerful natural ingredient that inhibits melanin by up to 40%. Symrise, a reputable German company, introduced this ingredient as part of a range of plants from Ayurvedic medicine. According to studies, extrapone nutgrass whitens skin gradually without causing any side effects.

In addition to using extrapone nutgrass to get rid of age spots and other skin blemishes, using other natural ingredients is paramount to achieving optimal skin care. Enhancing the natural skin rejuvenation processes through ingredients that work synergistically produces a moist foundation for skin that is able to sustain a natural, radiant glow. This is not something you can achieve through long-term use of retinoids, as it can cause dry, unhealthy skin.

So, there you have it! Age spot creams consisting of a retinoid do not tackle skin care requirements that are necessary for maintaining long-term skin health. They only take care of one part, at the cost of causing short-term and long-term side effects. This is not what you want. What you want, instead, is a natural skin whitening cream that gradually clears dark spots and other blemishes while brightening your skin to bring about a long-term healthy look.