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Why We Should Opt For Organic Food

Why We Should Opt For Organic Food

The use of the word organic is not as simple as it sounds. Only a product certified by an organic certification body can be called 100% organic. There are various certifying bodies in different countries that have their own standards to determine what would constitute an organic product and only then can they carry an organic certification logo.

Organic products can be traced to the source or the origin of the products, such as organic manuka honey where it can be traced to the actual hive where the honey came from. For a food to be called organic it must be free from artificial chemicals, pesticides, coloring and herbicides. Organic food must be non-genetically engineered, environmentally and ecologically friendly and animal cruelty free.

Organic farming methods include crop rotation, where different crops are planted at different intervals so that the plants do not consume all of its nutrients. Since different plants consume different nutrients, these plants are planted at routine intervals so that the soil can be replenished. Insects are driven away by using inter-planting or companion planting methods where for example, the tomato is planted with basil in between to repel pests and insects; fertilizers are used as compost or premixed organic fertilizer and soil aeration is done using earthworms and by using other natural methods.

In simple terms organic foods are pure and nourishing foods that are not processed or artificial. Turning to organic food is not as complicated as one might think. Research has shown that the composition of a balanced diet should be 50 to 60 percent whole weat or whole grains; about 25 to 30 percent vegetables and 5 to 10 percent of fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds.

There are many reasons why people should change to incorporate the organic diet. One of the main reasons for such a change would be to improve health and to adopt a lifestyle change. By eating organic food, our body nourishes itself and our immunity and regeneration of cells improve. Another reason to switch to an organic diet would be to help preserve our environment. Foods that are not grown and harvested organically use chemicals that are embedded in the soil. Pesticides used in plants kill earthworms and destroys the natural eco-system and the soil becomes a ‘dead soil’. Chemicals and pesticides also find their way into the water systems polluting the environment and contaminating the water we drink. Many farm animals today are fed antibiotics, growth promoting drugs and these harmful substances are passed onto the people eating them, and by changing to an organic diet we would be free from these harmful chemicals in our system. Organic food also contains more vitamins and minerals and is by far a healthier option.