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Why You Should Care About Comparing Savings Accounts

Why You Should Care About Comparing Savings Accounts

With all the options available at both traditional brick-and-motor and the newly-emerging internet banking services, consumers now have more power than ever to compare savings accounts.

While emerging technology makes the process easier, the time-tested factor of comparing savings accounts is still the same – look at the rate of interest first. Interest rates are always fluctuating making it difficult for the average consumer to stay on top of what the rates are for that current date and time. To give the consumer more predictability in what their savings account will yield many banks offer savings account calculators to help their clients predict how much a given investment will earn over a particular amount of time. Using the financial institution's current rate of interest and these estimated calculations clients can easily and quite accurately gauge the gain on their investment.

Because of the reduced costs internet banking services bring to a financial institution; These wired financial institutions often are able to attract more customers with higher interest rates than their brick-and-mortar counterparts with additional overhead expenses. Some internet-only institutions like ING Direct, can boast a consistently higher interest rate than many more traditional bank. Several financial internet websites like or offer current rates of banking institutions to help consumers compare savings accounts to make informed decisions as to who they will choose for their banking needs .

Factors such as minimum balances a bank requires to open account as well as required monthly minimum balances are also to be considered along with the interest rate in order to select the best bank for your money. For some financial institutions, the minimum balance to open account with the "premier" or "premium" status and subsequent high interest rate may be thousands of dollars – which may be top dollar and too much for the person who wishes to save for the short -term.

Depending on the purpose and time period of the investment, one may want to compare savings accounts to favor either a high rate of interest or low fees assessed. With so many choices available, it is becoming easier to find the right banking institution if one favors just a little time on research before taking their money to the bank.

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