Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Today if you were to carry out a search for anti wrinkle treatments on the internet you will be amazed at the number of results that you will be provided with. In fact today there are literally hundreds of different treatments a person can use in order to help prevent and reduce the numbers of wrinkles and fine lines that appear on their face and neck. There is everything from botox injections to microdermabrasion, to face lifts and laser resurfacing. However if you are looking for a more natural way to help reduce wrinkles and prevent further ones appearing then using a wrinkle reduction cream like Avotone may be the answer to your prayers.

In this article we are going to be taker a closer look at the ingredients contained within anti wrinkle creams which are considered to be an effective way of treating this aging problem. Certainly an anti wrinkle cream will only be as effective as the ingredients contained within it. You therefore need to choose one which contains some or all of the ingredients that we mention below.

Hydroxy Acids

The particular hydroxy acids you should be looking for in your wrinkle cream are alpha, beta and poly hydroxy acids (all of which are to be found in Avotone). These are synthetically produced from sugar containing fruits and act as an exfoliant to the skin. So they are able to remove the older layers of dead skin to be found on a person’s face and neck whilst helping to increase the growth of new skin cells.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3

This does not irritate your skin and helps to decrease how intense the muscles in your face and neck contract. It does this by reducing the number of neurotransmitters that the body is able to produce. As it helps to reduce the intensity of the way in which the muscles contract this is turn helps to reduce the number of wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the skins surface. Doing this then helps to improve the look of the skin by providing it with a more youthful appearance.

Vitamin A

This is a component of avocado oil which is to be found as one of the main ingredients in Avotone and is also sometimes referred to by some skin care product manufacturers as Retinol. It contains anti oxidant properties which help to prevent free radicals from further being produced and causing damage to a person’s skin. It works by prevent unstable oxygen molecules from being produced which in turn break down the skins cell structure and which results in wrinkles appearing on the skin.

So when it comes to finding suitable anti wrinkle treatments to use in order to help reduce and prevent wrinkles from appearing in the future then you should consider looking for those which contain some or all of the above named ingredients.

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