Are You Adding Years to Your Face?

We are always told that we can not stop aging, but what if it is you who is contributing signs in the first place? We live our life day to day, applying creams to be always healthy and young but we fail to avoid the things that make our skin look old. If you want to stop the effects of years on your face, here are some things that you can do – or things that you can control.

Stop smoking. Smoking is the perfect habit for those people who want to look older and unhealthy. Besides its terrible effects in our lungs, breath and teeth, smoking also affects the skin giving it a dull, yellowish complexion. Some studies even suggests that smoking over a long period of time develop leatherey and deeply wrinkled skin. Right there is another reason to stop smoking today.

Stop making "facial exercises". I've heard the advice many times: "do x exercise to keep you face muscles in shape". Well, the truth is making certain expressions over a long period of time are what develop wrinkles in the first place (with the help of other factors of course). So, am I saying that you should keep a stone face always? Not at all, just live normally, express as you want, but do not do anything extra like face exercises.

Drink plenty of water. You better drink your share of water a day if you care about your skin. Our bodies work mainly on this element and should not be avoided or replaced by sodas or artificial drinks. By keeping your body hydrated your skin will resist better the aging process.

Try sleeping on your back. Over the years, the way we sleep determine the wrinkles on your face. Although I do not think this could pose a major problem to people who move a lot during sleep, it can surely have an impact on people who sleep on their faces all their life.

These are the most common ways you help the aging process. And, well is not that you like to but you are mainly unaware of this. So now that you know you can get yourself again in the right direction.

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