Best Ways to Remove Wrinkles Without Surgery

Injections are expensive and painful, but until recently were the most effective way to remove wrinkles. Thanks to new advances in skincare lotions and creams, however, it is now possible to remove wrinkles without injections.

Forget the “no-pain, no-gain” philosophy! Regular gentle exercise has been shown to be more effective than major workouts for maintaining fitness and health. Just so, gentleness is a key element in maintaining the health and fitness of your skin. Where did we get the idea to remove wrinkles by applying abrasive substances to exfoliate our skin? Or chemical peels? Ouch! Sure, it’s uncomfortable, will increase your sensitivity to light, and will cause redness and irritation, but it’s all worth it, right? Wrong! These methods increase the likelihood of future damage. And guess what? They also don’t remove wrinkles! So why do we get wrinkles? There must be a reason that they form.

Wrinkles are actually caused by changes that occur at the cellular level. Pollution, toxins, exposure to sun all cause changes in the cells which over time become visible in the form of wrinkles and sagging skin. Cellular damage sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? Well, not as serious as you may think. There are actually now ways to repair damage done to the skins’ cells. In other words, wrinkles can be removed at the cellular level. In clinical studies, the best and fastest results were shown by people whose skin originally showed the most damage. Let’s look at the three causes of wrinkles. One is damage done by free radicals. Another is that as we age, we have less ability to build replacement cells. The third cause of wrinkles is lower levels of protein.

The specific protein deficiency responsible for wrinkles is low levels of hyaluronic acid in the cells. In order to remove wrinkles, these three problems must be addressed. Antioxidants are the key to preventing and reversing damage done by free radicals. Production and replacement of skin cells requires protein and other nutrients. The most effective method of delivery of antioxidants, proteins and nutrients is direct application to the skin. The process responsible for decreased levels of hyaluronic acid is the production and activity of an enzyme called Hyaluronidase.

An extract from Wakame kelp, a type of seaweed from Japan, has been shown to inhibit Hyaluronidase production. Most skin creams on the market use artificial preservatives such as parabens, and have added fragrances. Parabens are dangerous, and fragrances, either artificial or natural, may cause irritation or allergic reactions. In order to improve the skins overall appearance and health, and to remove wrinkles, a skin cream should contain no added fragrances and only natural ingredients. Natural Vitamin E is a very effective, though more costly, preservative for skin cream. Forget about surgery. We don’t need injections, dermabrasion or peels. We don’t need creams that include dangerous artificial substances. To remove wrinkles, we need all-natural creams that repair damage at the cellular level!

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