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Cigarette Smoking – A Cause of Your Child's Asthma

It is true that we all care for our children. We can do virtually anything to keep them hale and hearty. They are our bundles of joy and we are happy if they are. If this is so, why our men and some women do not comprehend the effects of passive smoking on them? Well, may be we are not aware about it. Rather, we do not tend to comprehend without our children suffer from some or the other problem due to our smoking. Do you know that a nasty asthma spell that made you and your child sleepless whole night can be due to your smoking?

Here are some hard facts about effects of passive smoking on children:

(1) Children are in growing stage and they have faster breathing rates than adults. This makes them more vulnerable to cigarette smoke because they inhale more smoke.

(2) Research shows that children growing in smoky houses develop respiratory and other allergies more (almost twice) than those growing in smokeless atmosphere. Even the rates of hospitalization are more in these children.

(3) Children who smoke passively are seen to have more behavioral problems than others.

(4) The mental development in such children is also seen to be subnormal in some cases.

(5) If the child already has mild to moderate asthma, he or she is likely to get more frequent attacks in smoky homes. Also the symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough, wheezes, etc are much severe in these children.

(6) Some studies revealed that the learning abilities are pretty much compromised in children growing in smoky homes, though the exact cause could not be traced. Mathematics, reasoning abilities, logic, and reading are seen to be affected more.

(7) These children shown conflicting conflicts while dealing with their peers and school teachers. A confused type of behavior was also reported.

(8) When both parents smoke, the child is seen to be absent from school more often due to respiratory illnesses than those children who have habit-less parents.

(9) Even children who are not born with asthma are more likely to develop it even before second birthday.

(10) Secondary smoking means more colds, coughs, and sore throats.

(11) Even some children need ear draining due to accumulated wax due to passive smoking.

(12) These children have higher risk of developing lung cancer in adult life than children who do not smoke passively.

(13) Low birth weight babies are born to parents who smoke. Obviously this is the reason of many future maladies right through childhood and adulthood.

(14) If mother is a smoker, the baby has twice more risk of dying a cot death than the baby who mother does not smoke.

(15) Recovery time is much longer in children than any sicknesses who are passive smokers.

Well, from the above facts, do not you think that the babies are amazingly fortunate who parents do not smoke? Yes, you are right to think that. All the men's health and fitness and women's health and fitness magazines shout about the negative impacts of passive smoking on our children. If still you do not stop smoking, it indicates you do not love your children!

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