Collagen Treatment With 4 Easy Routines

This is one of the many form of proteins found in our body and collagen is the main protein component that makes your skin. As it production goes on a decline with age, your skin starts to lose its firmness and resilience. When that happens, signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin starts to develop on your skin.

This is a sad fact of life; and you can not do anything to keep the level of collagen steady through your life! But you can follow ways to supplement or replace this collagen loss in the body through collagen treatment in an effort to slow down this devastating signs of aging. The best way of doing that, ie, maintain a collagen production, is by leading a healthy lifestyle and making sure your diet brings you with all the nutrition you need. Here are some simple yet effective ways of going for collagen treatment:

• Your diet should include fruits like oranges, lemons and strawberries that are rich in Vitamin C. According to Health Central; This Vitamin is responsible for providing your body with a natural source of collagen. Other nutrient-rich foods that are must in your daily diet include dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. The antioxidant lycopene comes from red fruits like tomatoes and soy products will provide you with genistein. This nutrient is responsible for slowing down the gradual breakdown of your skin.

• From nuts and fish, your body will get the much needed omega fatty acids. Nuts like almonds, cashews and fishes like salmon and tuna are sufficient to fulfill the role of omega acid supplier, as reported by Health Central. This acid is essential for boosting and replacing the collagen levels in your body. This is another great natural collagen treatment.

• Stimulating the skin through regular exercise or massage is another important form of collagen treatment. When you exercise or take a massage, the circulation of blood in skin improves allowing blood to reach every area of ​​the body especially the skins, as reported by Livestrong. The best exercise for boosting collagen level in the body is cardiovascular exercises while facial massages provide great result as well.

• Another great way to fight collagen deterioration is by regularly using anti-aging cream. It is best to use them while going to bed each night. According to Mayo Clinic, using anti-aging creams that have copper peptide, hydroxyl acids, retinol or kinetin can replace as well as stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. These creams will also moisturize your skin and thus smoothing out the already formed fine lines and wrinkles.

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